#NO LISTEN TO ME #some actors #they have billions of kissing scenes right #and most of them are just like #rote and maybe even a little chaste #even in sex scenes #and you just kind of expect that after a while #actors kissing like it’s their job #becuase the script says so#and then here’s Dylan Motherfucking No-Resume O’Brien here #who #(based on the evidence available so far) #doesn’t know how to do ANYTHING onscreen without being like#balls-to-the-wall 100 percent full-body INTO IT #and so we get scenes like this #where it’s just kissing but here’s Dylan looking like he’s mid-coitus practically #stupid breathy moans and flushing and shit #I will not stand for it young man #do you hear me #I WILL NOt StAND FOR IT #demon unicorn #damn you to hell


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Swiggity swag whats in the bag

I was never really a fan of Ed Edd N Eddy but when I read this i just burst out laughing. xD

This message made my day for no apparent reason. So thank you anon<3



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Somehow he’s the only actor who managed to pull off the overdramatic villain yell without me snickering quietly into the collar of my shirt.

Possibly there’s just nothing he can do that will compare to the super-hilarious way the guy in the bandage costume is always like… sort of prancing? Like he’s doing a spider impression? It’s really distracting.

But also in that last gif he legit looks like he could unhinge his jaw and actually eat them all and that is terrifying.

The way he goes from his usual (nogitsune) cocky calm confidence and moves quickly through outrage to total intense and unhinged is… kudos Dylan O’Brien. Seriously, his acting is just outrageously good.  (Remembering that he’s ALSO playing Stiles, who is wiped out, drained, scared, scrambling back and still standing up, to HIMSELF.)